Lost Planet 3: Details

Ok, theres no co-op. Not so excited. It’s going to be more similar to the first game, where there’s a single player campaign. you’ll be playing as Jim, a NEVEC colonist and miner. The game will be played in an open world and you can talk to NPCs. Fun. This basically translates to “3rd person Fallout 3 in an ice age with giant aliens and mining stuff.” Even though I’m very disappointed it won’t feature co-op, as apparently I’m one of the few who enjoyed the second game, having never played the first, I’m sure it will still be a good game. At least there’s still giant Akrid to fight. But Lost Planet 2 was the only game to my knowledge to have massive aliens that you were able to fight with some friends, and it looks like it’s going to stay the only. I would guess there’s still probably going to be some kind of multiplayer, maybe a co-op mode like the arena the DLC add on had.

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