Dog Can Help You

So, when ever I look on the search engine info on my sight which tells me what people were searching for when they found my blog, I see a lot of Stardust questions and questions in general. My Super Stardust Delta guide has all the info on the scoring, but it doesn’t really have all the power up data. So, I wanted to let all of you readers know that you can ask me all the questions you want, especially about SSD. My TowerMadness guides from when I first started my blog are still popular. I’m going to start a support page on my blog right after I post this. Ask me WHATEVER YOU WANT about any of the games I’m playing. If I don’t know the answer, then I’ll go track it down on the web. And since I want to make my blog accessible, I’m going to help you through Twitter if you prefer. Hmm let me think how ’bout the hashtag #doghelpsyou. Thank all of you for supporting my blog and now I’ll make sure to support you.

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