Dog Does Oil Painting

Ok, I’ve gotten some M. Graham artist quality walnut oil to paint with. So, why walnut oil? First, it not only makes your paintings last longer it will make YOU last longer. Instead of using turps or “Oderless Mediums” to paint with, which are toxic and thus requires a lot of venting and even then you’ll still probably breathe some of it in, and they make your paintings susceptible to cracking and yellowing. I’m going to avoid all of that. Walnut oil is a more flexible vegetable oil, so your paintings won’t crack, and they won’t yellow because they won’t rapidly oxidize like linseed will. Walnut oil has been used as far back as the Renaissance era, and of course all those painters sucked. (I’m being sarcastic.)

Now, one thing that may be a downside to some, but an advantage to others, is that walnut oil is slow drying. It is efficient though, because you only need to use a very small amount. it’s strong at thinning paint, so you can use it to clean your brushes. It’s like an all in one medium/thinner/cleanner.

I’m going to be painting Connor from Assassins Creed 3. I’ve finished a practice sketch, so I’m hoping to do it in the morning. Be sure to watch for it on deviantart at Also, sorry for the camera quality. I’m using my PS Vita for now.


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