Super Stardust Delta Complete Guide

Dog G6 is the 13th best on the leaderboards for planet Sekora in Super Stardust Delta. This guide tells you everything about Super Stardust Delta including how the scoring system works, tactics to keep you alive and all the game modes, difficulties and playstyles there are meaning you’ll be able to start scoring really, really high on the leaderboards.

Player Preferences

First, we’ll start with play styles.

  • “Pure” is basically the control configuration from Super Stardust HD. No Black Holes or Missile Barrages, just EMP blasts; no boost extend powerups: boost is already at maximum distance and there’s no slow-mo for boost.
  • “Delta” adds Black Holes and Missile Barrages in addition to the regular EMPs; and slow-mo for boost. Boost is also only a short burst of speed when you start so you will need to collect boost extend powerups to increase boosting distance. This is important because one thing you may or may not know is that when you boost through points and bonus asteroids, you get mini multipliers that only last until your boost ends. You also will usually get regular longer-term multipliers which you can see in the top right-hand corner.

Stardust boostpoints


  • Casual: This difficulty is the easiest. Use this if you want to warm up, are new to the game or twin stick shooters in general or if your not in the mood to be frustrated. (I NEVER get pissed at enemies)
  • Normal: This difficulty is for average or higher skill levels. This difficulty is the highest for the Planet and Endless game modes. Also, you will notice that most of the players high on the leaderboards for the Planet game mode. My theory is that you probably get rewarded much better point-wise for playing higher difficulties.
  • Hardcore: This difficulty is only available for the Arcade game mode. It’s the hardest and a unique feature to this game mode is that once you complete the campaign you loop back over to a higher difficulty, and you keep going until you die.

Game Modes:

  • Arcade: This mode is similar to a campaign mode in other games. You play through and unlock all five planets as you go, and your lives, bombs and score carry over to the next planet. If playing on Hardcore mode, then you repeat the planets again at a higher difficulty once you beat it, and you keep going through at higher difficulties until you die. Scores carry over to the next time through on Hardcore.
  • Planets: This mode is where you can play a single planet once you’ve unlocked it in Arcade.

Note: This section will be updated in the near future. These are NOT all the game modes.

How To Score High:

Right now I’m going to right about something that will actually help you instead of editing the lists for game modes and such. These will be updated soon. Right now, I’m going to focus on how to get high up on the leaderboards. The five things that are most important are these:

  1. Don’t die. This should be fairly obvious to most of you out there. When you die you lose your multipliers and if you are playing Delta mode you will also lose your boost upgrades.
  2. Boost through points and boost to get you out of dangerous situations. When you boost through point tokens or green asteroid cores, you get a sort of mini-multiplier. These only last for while your boosting, and go up every token you hit, until your boost ends.
  3. Move it! When you complete levels quickly, you get time bonuses. These time bonuses give you points based on how many seconds below the “recommended time” your time is. This is then multiplied based on how many bombs you have when you complete the level (starting at 2000x for no bombs and going up 100x every bomb) and then finally multiplied by your current multiplier.
  4. Save bombs. When you save bombs you get rewarded higher for time bonuses. Basically, how high you score will depend on your efficiency with time and bombs.
  5. Multipliers! You get multipliers whenever you collect enough Stardust to spawn a power-up. Also, when you boost it makes a sort of Stardust vacuum, sucking in all the Stardust in a pretty wide area. So it’s a good idea to boost straight into a group of asteroids while firing a head of you. That way you’ll collect chains of points and get a bunch of stardust. Also, watch out for super multiplier power-ups.

This is what the scoring at the end of each phase looks like.

Recommended Time: xx:xx

Your Time: xx:xx

Time Bonus: 0 x 2000 x 2

Score: xxxxxxxxx

So, the top row, recommended time, shows the time your supposed to beat. Below that it shows your time. Third row down is where it multiplies how many seconds below recommended time, (first number) times your bomb bonus, (second number) times your multiplier.

10 responses to “Super Stardust Delta Complete Guide

    • Sorry didn’t respond sooner, I saw your comment earlier but was out and erbout, so couldn’t reply.

      Yes, or at least sometimes. I’ve had it update the high scores after connecting to internet. I believe I did something along the lines of going in and out of the scoreboard, try going to options or something and then back to the leaderboards. Can’t remember if there’s a refresh button or not, if so, use that.

      If that doesn’t work, wait on the main menu for a few minutes and try again. If it’s still stubborn, try restarting the game and/or playing another game mode and coming back.

      It has worked for me sometimes, but not everytime, so I can’t guarantee anything.

      Hope that helps!

    • Basically, you can slow his saws down somewhat with your ice cannon. The idea is to avoid getting whapped by his saws, while scorching his face (the orange spot in his front is where you want to hit him with fire) with your fire cannon.

      When he spins, depending on how much boost you have, you can get inside his spin when he starts rotating. If you’re on Pure, you have maximum boost distance anyways, but if you’re playing Delta mode, you’ll want to make sure you have at least 75% of the maximum boost.

      How you get inside his boost, is you watch for him to pull away. Follow him while using your ice cannon to keep his rear saw away from you (which will fly towards you). He will then deploy a few Spinners (I call them Pizza Cutters), usually in a straight line. Fly straight at the Pizza Cutters, and once you’re close, boost through all of them towards Buzzsaw, destroying all of the Cutters and getting you right inside his spin, allowing you to burn his face some more and kill him faster than you usually would be able to.

      A warning about getting under his spin; if it’s timed unluckily, you may hit a sawblade while boosting in. You’re invincible while boosting, but you colliding with it may bring it closer to Buzzsaw himself on the next spin, in which you’ll boost will have run out, and you’ll be vulnerable to his awkwardly-orbiting blade.

      A similar thing can also happen if you don’t have enough boost to get to him in the first place, or if you boost from too far out.

      Also, beware of getting too close to his body. If he draws his blades in real close to you or his body is too close, use your boost to get just out of his reach, while still being in-range to shoot him.

      So, a general overview is:
      1. Push his saws away from you.
      2. Flamethrower his face for as long as you can, possibly switching occasionally to push his saws away again.
      3. (Optional) Use your boost to simultaneously destroy his Pizza Cutters and get inside his spin, allowing you to beat him faster.
      4. Repeat until he’s non-existent.

      I hope this is helpful!

  1. Maybe you can answer a question for me. During the first stage of Super Stardust Delta, there’s a numbered group of rocks that when you blast the last one, a giant bonus rock drops. Later bonuses of the same type in higher level end with a “bumper,” and the only way I’ve found to trigger the bonus is by crashing my ship into the bumper. But I keep thinking, “There has to be some other way to get this bonus besides suicide!”
    So, is there some way to earn the later bonuses without crashing?

    • Thank you for reading it. Yeah it took a while to gather that info had to look at info from Stardust HD cause I’ve never played any other Stardust games besides the new one. Took a lot of testing. Also, today i figured out the multiplier system: it’s based on the Stardust you collect. Whenever you collect enough Stardust to get a power-up you also get a permanent multiplier. (At least until you die or you complete the game.)

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