Super Stardust Delta Guide


Hey, sorry for my absence once again. I’ve been travelling for work a little bit. Now I’m back, and I have a Playstation Vita. Really enjoying the features. Also, I got Super Stardust Delta for it. I bought the bundle that includes the expansion and I’ve gotten 100% completion on the trophies for both the regular game and the expansion.

Stardust boostpoints

Also, I’m going to start a guide for this game as I have found no really great guides.

For my Vita I also made a new account for psn because for some reason my old one isn’t working but once I get my PS3 back I’ll probably be able to fix it. The new psn  account is dogG6_vita. Also, I’ve gotten 22 on the leaderboards for the planet Sekora. This score was last week so i might have moved down due to more people getting higher scores. Please leave some comments below!


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