Battlefield 3: Maps

EA has released the details of all nine maps included in the new Battlefield. Gameinformer has the complete list.

Here is the list:

Operation Metro: This is the map featured in the Battlefield 3 beta. Operation Metro features three distinct areas: the wide open parkway, which you see a lot in the gameplay trailers; the subway, and the Paris stock exchange.

Operation Firestorm: Operation Firestorm is a map designed for vehicles. It’s about three times the size of the largest Bad Company map. There will be construction sites and buildings for the infantry of course, but, yeah it’s mainly supposed to be a vehicle map, although I haven’t played it yet.

Tehran Highway: This is a map of balanced infantry and vehicular combat. It’s also at night time, so you should be able to sneak up to people in the dark and slit their throats. Hurray! One team will start on a hill and make their way down from above, and on to the streets.

Damavand Peak: In this map you get to base jump on to unsuspecting (hopefully) noobs! Grenade launch from above! This map does have some vehicles. My plan: Jump off of mountain, light machine gun everyone in sight, stab snipers in the face, take vehicle (tank would be nice. Please Santa? I’ve been good, well, kinda) shoot more people, ’nuff said.

Grand Bazaar: A symmetrical, close-quarters map. Grenade frenzy! Sounds like a good map for Support and Assault classes.

Caspian Border: You’ve seen it; jets, tanks, jeeps, explosions, all the good stuff. Probably snipers too.

Seine Crossing: This map takes place on the Seine river in france. There will be many roads for vehicles to brawl it out on and buildings for infantry to fight in. The very last rush objective is a bank in Paris.

Noshahr Canals: This map features three distinct areas: a train yard, an airfield and a boat dock area I believe. It will feature air, sea and land vehicles.

Kharg Island: This map starts off with boat combat, then landing on a beach. Once up onto the island there will be more open terrain for some good beat-downs.

Thanks for the support gamers! I’m looking at some Alienware rigs right now to get for BF3. I also might build my own. Please leave comments and subscribe!

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