December to Remember

As anyone who is a big fan of Elder Scrolls, Assassins Creed, Gears of War or Battlefield (all of which I like) will know is that new releases in all of these franchises will (or already are, in the case Gears of War) will be hitting the store shelves soon, and we will be awaiting their releases with much anticipation. Now, currently, I will be playing these games on either my PS3 or PC, the latter of which I am hurrying to get fixed up so I can take a grenade launcher to some noobs’s faces in Battlefield 3. Skyrim I’m not sure which system I’m gonna get it for, but PC would have Plug-Ins.

Also, I might start a Minecraft Journal like a lot of other big bloggers have done, and will also be checking out some MMORPG’s such as Anarchy Online and Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO). I am a fan of DDO, which is also made by Turbine (makers of LOTRO) and so I am excited to see the work they’ve done on their now free-to-play Tolkien-themed MMO. I am also awaiting Planetside 2 and FireFall, an MMOFPS/TPS that is like an alchemical gaming mixture of Gears of War, Borderlands (mainly because of the cellshader graphics) Unreal abd Lost Planet 2 all put in to one freemium pwn-fest MMO.

Also, sorry for the irregular updates and the shortage of posts these past two weeks. Been busy and will try not to do that again.

Please leave some comments about what games you are excited for. Leave a comment below!

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