Minecraft Adventure Update

A very short time ago, the new 1.8 update for Minecraft was released. With it came a new food system, leveling, new world generation features, new mobs, creative mode and much more.

     First, it added three new mobs:

Enderman, which are tall, black creatures that can teleport, and will turn aggro if you put your crossair directly over them. They will remain in a frozen position and will shake until you move your crossair away from them, in which case they will charge, and, if too far away, will teleport. They are three meters high so it is possible to be behind a small two meter high hole and bash their face in. They are also damaged by water, lava, fire and sunlight, so it shouldn’t be too hard to take them down in the day time or if you have a bucket of water. In this case, a water gun would actually be really powerful, if only Minecraft had them.

Silverfish, which are little critters that hide in stone blocks and will attack when you break the block they are in. This will also aggro all nearby Silverfish and will make a huge swarm of them.

Poisonous Spiders, which are only one block in width and height and so they can fit through small holes.  They are blue and will poison you for a short time, draining health after the initial attack. They are rare but seem to be found in abandoned mines.

     Also, there are NPC Villages and Strongholds, and so many other features it would be ridiculous to right them all out in one post right now, since I am fairly busy, and so I may write more in further posts or update this post.


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