Kongregate: Web Games Portal

A website that I have played Flash, Unity and other browser games on is Kongregate. It’s owned by GameStop, who also own Gameinformer Magazine and there is a good chance you have heard of them as they are one of the largest if not THE largest video game only retailer. 

Kongregate is a web portal for browser games, and is a good place to go if you’re looking for Unity, Shockwave, Flash or Java games. Kongregate holds game contests regularly, especially for Unity 3D games. Anyone can upload a game, and your likely to find most of the browser games that are out there. Also, this is a place besides Armor Games that you can play the Gemcraft series I have talked about in an earlier post.

Kongregate recently has added support for PowerUp Rewards, GameStop’s reward card service. You can now earn points for your PowerUp account that you can use to get special video game souvenirs and other things.

My Kongregate account is dogg6.

Check out this website and please leave some comments below!


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