What’s Your Favorite RPG?

Today, partially because of the boost in readers I’ve had lately, I would like to put out a Feedback post.

What’s your favorite RPG game of all time?

     Mine, of course, would probably be The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, although I enjoyed Morrowind a great deal and liked the story better. Both games are great, in my opinion, and I’m still waiting anxiously for Skyrim, the same as probably a lot of my readers are. I also did like Fallout 3, but of course it was made by the same people as the TES games.

     MMORPGs that I like are Dungeons and Dragons Online: Ebberon Unlimited, Myth Wars, and the successful Pocket Legends IOS and Android MMO, although these are not all the MMOs I like. These are a very small amount. I have been awaiting Planetside 2 and Firefall, and I want to play Anarchy Online, LOTRO (made by the same people who make DDO: Turbine) and the original Planetside.

     So, what are your favorite RPG games? Leave a comment below!




3 responses to “What’s Your Favorite RPG?

  1. Hey, I too have played the elder scrolls. I have only played one online game years ago. I didn’t like it though because people would kill me the moment I started the game.

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