Dead Frontier Review: 28 Clicks Later

A browser game I have come upon recently is Dead Frontier. It’s a 3D browser MMORPG that runs off of Unity 3D. It is played in the style of a top-down shooter and has a lot of unique ideas, although at first the game can be a little hard to learn right away.

The game has a small amount of character customization, but it has a huge list of professions to choose from. You can be anything from a Police Officer to a Stock Broker. Each has their own bonuses and it’s fun to be able to be a Stock Broker or Doctor running in with a shotgun and baseball bat and smashing zombies heads off.

One of the main ways you get money and equipment is to run out into the “Inner City”, which is where the action and meat of the game is. Inner City is where the zombies are basically, and is also where you go to kill them, and scavenge around for items that you may be able to use or sell.  You of course will run into other players doing the same as you and there is even a PVP mode if you want to kill each other. In addition to these family friendly activities, there are occasionally zombie attacks on outposts, which are the main areas where you enter into the Inner City. In these attacks there are armies of zombies that arrive at your doorstep trying to sell you some viruses and death. It’s best to avoid these entrepeneurs and just shoot them in the head instead. It will be a lot harder to go out scavenging when one of these raids is in progress, and they seem to last at least fifteen minutes. It’s still a huge amount of fun when you and your friends are trapped and their all swarmed close together closing in on you, when you pull out your shotgun or machine gun and start mowing them down and watch the wonderful and kid friendly display of guts, body parts and blood flying all over the battlefield as you rack up a huge amount of XP.

I would recommend trying this game if you like Shawn of the Dead, 28 Days/Weeks Later or any other zombie movies or you like video games and MMOs that involve zombies. While it can have a fairly large learning curve and it can be fairly slow to start out, this game is fun and the top-down heads-flying-off-of-zombies look and feel make the game worthy of any hardcore zombie-slaying gamer. And you don’t have to download it, all you need is the Unity Web Player and your set for some fun with your friends as you play as murderous lawyers with rocket launchers.

Please check this game out and leave a comment below.


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