Gaikai: Like OnLive, But For Demos

For those of you who are interested in cloud gaming outside of OnLive (which i think is a great service), maybe because it requires a client download that may restrict you from playing on it if your not on your own computer and have SRPs (like me, currently. Or at least until I regain my computer) screwing you so you can’t play anything, then their is another option that isn’t quite as big and only let’s you do half hour demos of games.

This other cloud-based gaming option is Gaikai. Gaikai allows you to play games such as Spore, Crysis 2, Bulletstorm, Sims 3 and Dragon Age II through Java right in your browser. It actually runs fairly well although the video streaming doesn’t seem as fast as OnLive’s. If you have decent internet it will run perfectly fine. It does require a good chunk of bandwidth though, which may be a downside if your internet sucks.

Gaikai is also open for developers and website owners to put the demos on their websites. That means that you may be able to put the demo of Spore on your blog and let readers play it from your blog for thiry minutes. You can also contact Gaikai about having them put your game demos on their service.

Please, try out this service and let me know what you think about it. Hopefuly this has been helpful if your not the admin on your computer and are getting screwed by the restrictions of not being one, or if you are just a reader of my blog who does have full access to a PC or Mac (I’m not quite sure if the support Mac’s, but’s it’s likely that they do) without restrictions of downloading data. Also, I am again sorry for the inconvenience of not having my computer with me and it will be back in my hands soon. May the pwn be with you.


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