Reader Feedback: What You Want to See

First, I would like to say thank you for reading my blog. It has been growing steadily since I first launched it a week or two ago. I would also like to get out that I will be doing writing about IOS apps, although I may focus more on PC and console games when I have my computer and consoles with me. I WILL shoot up so many noobs in the new Battlefield. I can imagine rolling over a hill with a tank or running in a building with a bunch of campers and shotgun the s*** out of them, or take their dog tags.

Anyways, what I was here for is to hear what YOU would like to see on my blog. I’m definately going to be consuming large amounts of skooma as I show you How to Train Your Dragon in TES V, Skyrim. And you can get married now! I’m still a little bit paranoid after two centuries ago when i had a break up of sorts with a god (if your a hardcore fan of the Elder Scrolls and you’ve played Morrowind and it’s first expansion, the Tribunal, all the way through, you would know what I’m talking about) oh, well. I was only a reincarnation of her former love. Atleast I got a badass sword from her when we “broke up”.

So, I want to hear your thoughts on what Apps or games you want me to do guides, walkthroughs et cetera on. Please leave a reply in the comments below!


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