MineCraft Classic: Server Needs Ops

A message has been posted on the S+T Freebuild server website.   It states that the server will not be online as much of the time until the server has recruited some more ops. My good friend and the owner of the server, 111sam1, is not able to be online all of the time to keep the griefers from wreaking havoc. If you are interested in helping the server, please got to http://www.sandtfreebuild.webs.com. There will be a form to fill out in the forum. You will need to register with the site first.


7 responses to “MineCraft Classic: Server Needs Ops

  1. my ign is rocko7927
    I have been op/admin 5 times before and co-owner on one server
    I know lots about minecraft and things like world edit and //wand
    so please consider me and thanks for reading my post

  2. hi my ign is: spam_the_hax

    i have been op on 3 different servers i would like to become an op for ur server

    please consider me

    i have alot of experiance with worldedit

    • The server has moved to the newer version of Minecraft. I have to contact my friend who is the server host to get the IP for it. If I do get a hold of him I’ll make sure to give him the message. Your account will need to be Premium though.

    • Hey that post was a while ago. My friend’s still running the server though but it’s not on classic. Contact him by clicking below and tell him DogG6 sent you. He’s a really nice guy so he’ll probably let you be op.

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