Dog House Build Awards

I am posting this to announce the Dog House Build Awards for Minecraft Classic.

I am also here to announce today’s winner. This Awards Contest takes place on the S+T Freebuild server, located at

First, I would like to thank 111sam1 for running such a great server and he’s helped me with numerous questions and given me credits for my work. I would also like to thank Captin_T who is the other server owner.

If you would like to participate in the Build Awards please go to the S+T Freebuild server located at and build the biggest, craziest most awesome thing you can think of, and then have your construction reviewed by typing /review in chat, and once your build is reviewed, I will check it out and you may be entered into the contest. If you want you can also send me a picture of your build to and I will go check your building out. If I’m online (my username is dogGsix) I will look at your place if you ask me to.

Now to announce the winner.
The winner of August 17 is oHeXiC, with his huge castle, complete with garden, two wings and furniture.

Message to oHeXiC: Since I’m not actually using my own computer as my gaming gear is not currently with me, I am not able to take screenshots myself. I should have my gaming things in a month or two hopefully. If you could, please send a screenshot or screenshots to and I will post them here. Sorry for the inconvenience.
~Dog G6


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