Celtic Heroes: My Journey Part 1

I have seen a free MMORPG on youtube (besides Pocket Legends, which I already play) for IOS called Celtic Heroes. I decided I would check this game out and detail my journey through it’s game world.

I seem to be standing on some island. There is some wierd guy next to me. I ask him about what’s going on and says that I have been in Ranger (that’s the class I picked) training and it’s time to put it to good use. He tells me to go talk to a guy at the tower to the north. Fine, I’ll go. Man, I long on for half a second and theres already an NPC telling me to go on a journey far to the North! Oh, the tower’s a couple yards away. 😦


Okay, here’s an overview of my journey up to now, as I can’t remember all the details:
I kill some Direhounds and Beastwalkers for my quest, then he tells me to walk to a castle off in the distance. I walk there and go inside, and I’m greeted by Lord MacLir of the MacLir clan. He tells me to go talk to another guy to get healed up. I do so, and then I am told to help another NPC.
I walk around the west side of the castle and talk to the NPC and she says that a spy went down into the mines nearby to spy on Crookback Goblins, who have been stealing mining equipment. She tells me “Blah blah go kill stuff blah blah blabbelblah find NPC blah” and I go into the mines, talk to the spy and get pwned by some Crookbacks because they’re level six and I’m level two. I log off for the night.

I wake up, log in to my account and run back to the starting area near the tower so I can grind. This is going to be more detailed as I did this a couple minutes ago. Killed a few Direhounds and some Beastwalkers, leveled up and decided I should write about this game. I grinded some more and a player came up and sold me a shortbow. I will edit this post and continue my adventures in Celtic Heroes soon. Here are some of the screenshots I took:






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