Multipong Review

Multipong is a Pong type game with single player and up to 4 players multiplayer on the same Ipad. There are power ups, power downs, and a lot of fun with friends.





Over all, I think this is a good game if you like pong and great if you have some friends to play with. There are tons of game modes thag switch thing up quite a bit such as DeathBall, a mode where you have a bunch of balls (ROFL) bouncing (more ROFL) around the screen as you and your friends are trying to make the bounce past each other. This mode is probably really fun with four players, but the max I’ve played with is three.

Singleplayer isn’t bad, either, as it has two game modes:
AI Battle, which is where you fight a lot of AI Opponents and even strange bosses, and:
Highscore Challenge, which is most of the same game modes ans multiplayer, but without any opponents, and your just bouncing thr ball off the walls and see how long you can survive

Overall, I think this is great for local multiplayer fun, as well as singleplayer, but I naturally had more fun playing against my friends. If you have some friends to play with, definately get it.


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