Minecraft Classic: Great Server

I have been playing Minecraft Classic recently, and have found a very good server called S+T Freebuild. I will be playing Minecraft Beta soon when I have my gaming computer with me, and I will be buying Beta then. For now though, I have been playing on Classic.

My Journey
When you first join the server, there are several portals, and there are rooms for guest players to build on. I went and through the leftmost guest portal, and arrived in Guest1. I ran around and found a wide open space, and then I started building a golden pyramid. I made each wall of the first level 20 meters (blocks) long, hence it was 20 blocks wide. I built it up and it was 20 meters high. I mad a door dug a little underground dungeon out from under it, which I called my tomb. (No, hopefully I won’t need to use this for myself anytime soon.) Once I finished it all I typed /review to have an op come and check my work and give me credits. This server is very good in the sense that there seems to be ops on it most of the time, and you get rankups and credits for your work.
So, an op came in around 3 seconds and looked at it, and ranked me up so I was builder rank and he gave me 7 Credits for my work.
I played with many different players and even had a large game of Spleef. We had one game where my platforming and fps skills kicked in and I jumped across all the gaps clicking like a mad man making all the other players (and eventually myself) fall through down into the water.

My thoughts
Overall I had a great time on this server, and recommend checking it out. I think there is even a freegrief world in the server as well, although the other servers are pretty secure, and the ops can undo the actions of griefers. There seems to be a good amount of players on when I played, and there is even a zombie servival world also.

Please leave a comment about a server you enjoy playing on if you would like. Or tell me what you think about my new blog!


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