FTL: Like if You Die Everytime Schedule

The first episode for FTL: Like if You Die Everytime I am setting to be published at 5:30 PM EST tomorrow (27th). There are currently seven episodes edited and ready to go, so that’s seven weeks of content. More may come if I decide to publish the first episode with three people at once (it was a bit messy).

Either way, no surprises, this time I’m letting you know the minimum amount of content to expect. Me and Volatar are likely to do more, not sure about the other people.

Nintendo’s New 3DS XL Review

The best part of acquiring one of Nintendo’s new consoles is taking it out of the box. It reminds us of all the hard work and planning the folks at Nintendo had to go through to make it happen.

Unfortunately, Nintendo’s New 3DS is not available in the west YET. Only the XL model has made it’s way here. Which is fine for those of you who have larger hands and prefer the bigger screen. Continue reading

Stuff That’s Being Worked On

Weekly General Blog and New Writer

So, following the joining of our newest writer, Mari, I’m going to be making changes to the blog, primarily the weekly blog series. I’m still working it out among my writers about how we’ll do this, but currently we’re thinking of having a Guild Wars 2 series written by me, Mari, and possibly Volatar, as well as what we’re going to do with This Week with Dog (possibly making it so all authors write each week for that series). Continue reading

This Week with Dog (Week of 2/2/2015)

You can read the last TWWD here, and the first week here. Thanks for reading! [Also, I finished editing this and published it at exactly midnight on the verge of monday and tuesday. Man just missed the day ;D

Zerg Them for Glory

Here on the Darkhaven server in Guild Wars 2, we may not be the biggest server, but we have some pretty cool WvW commanders. Commanders that create huge Siege Golem zergs, or in the case of this last week, commanders that straight-on Sparta-charge into the center of enemy zergs, splitting them up and routing the enemy players (so I can ho cripple/backstab happy). Continue reading

This Week with Dog (Week of 1/26/2015)

Welcome back to This Week with Dog! You can read the first week here.

Portal and Fangirls

I reinstalled Portal 2, because it’s awesome, and I finally found a new friend to play it with. He’s a co-streamer and officer for Dogcasting.

We were playing community made maps, and he mentioned that whatever we were trying to accomplish could only go “one direction”. I said “aahhh so you’re a fangirl”. He ignored this completely. I kept going on with dumb jokes, and the peeps watching the stream of it were laughing quite a bit at this. Continue reading